Why Should You Adopt a Pet?

With designer breeds popping up on your Instagram feed, or snapped in the designer bag of a celebrity, it’s hard not to feel a bit of… pet envy.

After all, what’s cuter than a cockapoo?

Adult Cockapoo

The problem is, many of these breeds require getting hold of official breeders – and paying the price tag they come with.

Instead, I encourage you to look beyond the label, and consider adoption over ‘label’ shopping.

Why should you adopt a pet?

1. You’re not supporting puppy mills

Puppy mills, basically animal factories, are not interested in animal welfare – only profit. As a result, the dogs are neglected, given no health checks to see if they are suitable for breeding (so any genetic problems get passed to their litter) and will be killed inhumanely if they are no longer breeding.

Unfortunately it is easy to accidentally buy from a puppy mill: pet shops will rarely admit that their puppies are from puppy mills.

2. It’s cheaper than buying a ‘designer’ pet

Let’s face it, coughing up upwards of £500+ for a pure breed that happens to be trendy is a costly affair. Rescuing an animal from a shelter? Priceless (in more ways than one!).

Adopt a pet cat

3. You get a sense of their personality

Particularly with older animals, you can get a glimpse of their character when you meet them in a rescue home. You can get a sense of whether they’re right for you – and if you’re right for them!

Those working at the rescue home will also have a great sense of their animals, and can help you pick out your perfect match.

4. Your pet is more likely to be house trained

Pre-owned animals are more likely to have all the hard work done already – your carpets and furniture will thank you!

5. Your pet is more likely to be healthy

Most shelters and resue homes will make sure your pet is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered already and in full health.

6. You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation

There just aren’t enough homes for all the animals being bred as pets in most parts of the world. An estimated 3-400 dogs are found by authorities every day in the UK.

By adopting, you’re taking one more animal off the streets and into a loving, caring home.

Adopt a pet dog

7. It feels great to know that you saved a life

Every time your pet looks at you with gratitude, you can remember what you rescued them from. You get to provide them with a life they would have missed out on.

8. You support a valuable charity and community institution

It’s no surprise then that the shelters need every bit of relief they can get – as many animals as they take in and care for, many still have to be turned away.

It costs over £6,000 a day to run The Mayhew Animal Home; funded by public donations.

Even if you can’t adopt, the Mayhew and other animal homes can be supported; through volunteering to attending an event or even getting your workplace involved – all support is very much appreciated.

Adopt a pet

To show my support, I’ve designed a new Animal Charitee to raise awareness in favour of adopting pets.

You can get this design on sweatshirts and tanks, in a range of sizes, either in girls fit or guys fit.

Adopt a pet

For each t-shirt sold, 50% of the profit will go directly to The Mayhew Animal Home, where it can fund the costs in caring for the animals there.

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