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Why Are Black and White Cats Harder to Rehome?

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be shown around the Mayhew Animal Home in west London.

Whilst I ‘awwwed’ my way around the gorgeous dogs and cats currently making themselves at home there, I was particularly drawn to a classic black and white cat.

I said to the lovely ladies showing me around how black and white cats are my favourite (if it is possible to pick a type!)

I think it’s because of my early obsession with Mr Mistoffelees, a black and white ‘Jellicle’ cat, I first encountered when entranced by the ALW musical ‘Cats’.



Nor can I forget watching cartoons of Felix, the wonderful cat…

Felix the wonderful cat

Heck, even those Felix catfood ads charmed me!

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 14.24.22


So with all these famous black and white cats we know and love, l was super surprised to hear that black as well as black and white cats were some of the hardest to rehome!

Around 70% of cats in shelters are black or black and white*.

* Source

How could this be? I thought, already feeling even more draw to the duotone felines at the Mayhew home.

After doing a bit of research as to why black and white cats are harder to rehome, the best reasons I could find are:

1) Superstition

An old wives tale perhaps, but for whatever reason it still exists today in many pans of the world including Britain and Japan, that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck! Even dreaming of one isn’t a good sign. Apparently…

2) Poor lighting

It could be the case that when visitors are going around catteries to try and decide who comes home with them, the piebald pussies just don’t stand out enough from the crowd. An optical illusion with a high cost!

3) Familiarity

In an age where more ‘novelty’ breeds may be more fashionable and appealing to prospective owners, the classic American shorthair (a common breed for blade and white coats) may be seen as to ordinary.

Whatever the reason, it’s such a shame that these gorgeous, regal kitties can be passed by for a tabby or cappuccino-colored cousin.

Bicolour cats

I love all the different mixtures! Black and white never goes out of style ;)

Maybe we need a famous internet cat star to represent for all the black and white furred moggies out there!

Maybe grumpy cat needs a makeover?!



Anyway, to help raise awareness for the case of rehoming black/black and white cats and kittens, I’ve designed this cute t-shirt inspired by the cats I saw at Mayhew.



It also happens to be world Black Cat Appreciation Day today (17th August 2015). So when better to show your support?

50% of the profit from these t-shirts will go straight to Mayhew Animal Home and all the good work they do to find all cats (and dogs!) their forever homes.

Learn more about Mayhew here >>

No worries if you can’t buy a t-shirt, you can still support the cause by sharing this post and the t-shirt campaign with your friends and family. Find our social handles below:

Mayhew Animal Home


Once again thank you for all your support in this campaign, and last month’s ‘Long Live the King’ campaign – we have hit our goal and still have 2 weeks to go before the sale ends (you can get your t-shirt in honour of Cecil the lion here.)

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