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Which is the Best Panda: Red or Giant?

If you had asked me a few years ago: which is the best bear?

I would have to consider the powerful polar bear, with his wonderful white coat (and mysterious brain) as well as the adorable koala.

But paws down, the giant panda would win it for me.

Then, thanks to the internet’s neverending stream of lesser-known and outrageously cute animals… I discovered the red panda.

He’s like a bear crossed with a cat multiplied by a raccoon!

Plus, I like to support fellow redheads.

This did stir up a conundrum for me – was the red panda now my favourite panda? Making the little ring tailed furball my favourite bear too?

It’s a tough, and terribly important decision to me. I have to pick a panda, once and for all.

Which is the best panda?

The Black Panda

+ They really are giant – an average adult weighs around 250lb (about 240lb more than a red panda)

– They lie. We know that this wiley panda was caught out – for trying to fake a pregnancy to get more food.

baby panda

+ They love a bit of teamwork.



– They poop up to 40 times a day. Yeah, I don’t envy those zoo keepers.

The Red Panda

+ They’re super brave. When going down trees, they go head first, thanks to their twisty ankles.

Red Panda

– Smelly bums – they have anal secretion glands that allow them to mark their territory. The thought of a pet one is getting less attractive…

+ They have furry paws (yes on the underside too) to help them play in the snow. Which they are very good at…

They aren’t actually bears… Yeah. They’re actually more closely related to skunks and raccoons.

DISQUALIFIED. Yep. The red panda is not classed as a bear these days… so regardless of which is the best panda, the giant panda still safely holds it’s place as my best bear.

And I will skirt around the issue of deciding my favourite panda, by turning the question to you:

Which is your favourite (bear classification aside) the red panda or giant panda? 

Oh, and by the way…



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