What’s Your Spirit Animal?

For some reason everyone keeps telling me who or what their spirit animal is.

This has ranged from crocodiles, tigers, bears… and Beyoncé.

But what the heck is a spirit animal?!

Basically, it comes from the idea that we all have these symbolic animals (or totems) that serve as our guides and protectors throughout life.

It comes from ancient Totemistic beliefs about the world and our connection to it. Societies and cultures from all over the world believed in this strongly, from the Native American Indian people to the Australian Aboriginal people for example.

You also get similar beliefs in Animism –  a belief that all plants, animals and objects have spirits, something that is common in Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan and Neopagan societies.

The LonerWolf goes into the history of this way better than I can, so check them out if you’re as fascinated by this as I am!

How do you know what your spirit animal is?

Well, some people notice it after they start seeing the creature everywhere. In dreams and in real life, there might be an animal that comes up time and time again… and that’s probably your guy.

If you’re not quite as connected to nature and mindful as some folk (plus, if you’re like me you live in a city where the only wildlife you see are small dogs, pigeons and the occasional rat) you can take a fun quiz like this one.

What’s cool is that each spirit animal represents different aspects and qualities that relate to your personality, and knowing these can help strengthen your personality and help you make important decisions in life.

How to learn from your spirit animal

So now you know your animal guide… what to do with this new found friend!?

Shamans believe that to form a deeper connection to your spirit animal, you must honour it. For example, placing objects of that species around your home.

Or wearing symbols of your spirit animal – this could be in the form of jewellery (pendants etc.) or on your clothes.

Of course I couldn’t resist honouring my own collection of spirit animals in the Catillest shop

Tiger spirit animal

The Tiger – symbolises willpower and aggression

Cat spirit animal

The Owl – symbolises wisdom and intuition

Cat spirit animal

The Cat – symbolises independence and curiosity

You can also have a mix of spirit animals. I apparently have two according to one quiz; the spider (eek!) and the tiger – quite a formidable team I think!

So what about a medley of spirit animals?

 So tell me, what’s your spirit animal?

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