Why Use Polyvore to Promote Your Clothing Line


Uh – let me explain.

I had the most amazing sticker book when I was a kid. It was a big collection of scenes – catwalks, if you will (no pun intended).

You could add models, and stick clothes and accessories on them in any old way you fancied.

As I grew up, flicking through fashion magazines, I would dream of having the job of the person who put together these beautiful collages – and make me want everything on the page. Of course, I knew I could do a better job 😉

sticker book collage

That desire to pick, mix, and curate is still strong in me.

Stumbling upon Polyvore some months back, I found my inner sticker-obsessed child, and started to play and create.


‘We Democratize Style’

– Polyvore


This may not be new to all of you, as Polyvore has been kicking around the internet since 2009.

polyvore collections

But to me, as an online retailer, the concept of this e-commerce/social media platform had me all excited! However, when I started researching it, I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of tutorials and support online for getting the most out of it.


So I’ve decided to put together a series of blog posts on why you might want to use Polyvore to get more sales, promote your products and strengthen your brand.

Then I’ll move onto the nitty-gritty; the hows and huhs of Polyvore.

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What is Polyvore exactly?

The best way I can describe it as a souped-up, product-oriented Pinterest.

Just like you can ‘pin’ images from websites to your Pinterest boards, you can also ‘clip’ images to Polyvore.

These become your Items – and you can organise them in Collections (like boards), and create Sets (aka collages – Pinterest doesn’t let you do anything like this!).


You then while away the hours browsing beautiful sets, liking and commenting, and generally doing some online shopping, with a social side.

In upcoming posts I’ll be explaining exactly how to use it most effectively – installing the Clipper tool, and creating your Collections and Sets.

Why use Polyvore?

The challenge we face

One of the biggest challenges small online retailers face is how to get our creations discovered. Yes, yes, the options are seemingly limitless when it comes to sharing and self-promotion on social media platforms.

But as time goes on, the bigger the ocean of shares and likes and reblogs become, and our beloved creations are reduced to droplets.

Even if I do follow my favourite brands on Pinterest for example, they are more than likely to get lost in an increasing flood of pictures of mutant Oreos and hilarious cats.


A solution?

When I found Polyvore, I instantly sighed at the thought of another social platform I might lose hours upon hours to – endless scrolling and engaging… all for what?

But when I dug a little further, I saw opportunity.


Polyvore has the advantage over alternatives like Pinterest and Tumblr, as it is specifically for online retailers. If you have a clothing line or sell homewares or accessories, this is your new, free promo magazine.

Curated by yourself and your fans, Polyvore allows you to present your brand in context, and reach new customers.

Success stories

Top fashion brands like ModCloth and Juicy Couture have experienced huge successes in reaching more fans and turning ‘likes’ into sales. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?

Polyvore also offers a native advertising system (ie. they promote your products on the homepage, without them looking like spammy ads).


These campaigns have proved super successful – in a month-long campaign, Juicy Couture attributed over 3,700 orders directly to their promotion on Polyvore.

The facts and figures

If I haven’t convinced you already about the power of Polyvore for promoting your brand, surely an infographic will do the trick:

why use polyvore infographic

Click to enlarge


My next post will be on how to get started on Polyvore, and how to make the most of your new favourite promotional tool!


I don’t work for Polyvore, and get no affiliate kick-back from these posts. I’m just super excited about this platform, and want to share the knowledge I wish I had had when I started using it.

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