Top 10 Cats of Instagram

Cats of Instagram

Well, know we know that looking at cat pictures makes us happy, I thought it was high time I share my top 10 favourite cats to follow on Instagram

Nala Cat10. @nala_cat

Nala is a Siamese and Tabby mix rescued from a shelter. Her birthday pics are amongst the cutest cat partie pics I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few, weirdly enough.)

Tomochunba Cat

9. @tomochunba

Comugi is a Japanese-bob-tail crossbreed and lives in the most beautiful minimalist home – this instagram feed will either make you want a kitty like Comugi or to paint everything white, or both.

Cats of Instagram

4. @snoopybabe

Snoopy is an exotic shorthair and loves to dress up – or at least tolerates it for the sake of art.

Colonel Whiskers

7. @colonelmeow

The colonel is definitely the most fursome – I mean fearsome – cat I’ve seen on Instagram.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

6. @Hamilton_the_hipster_cat

The first of two kitties with amazing facial hair in this round up. He liked moustaches before they were cool.

Lil Bub Cat

5. @iamlilbub

With her unforgettable sticky-out tongue, Lil Bub is quite the celebrity. She even has cuddly toys made in her likeness!

Sam Has Eyebrows

3. @samhaseyebrows

I’m not sure who could have abandoned the gorgeous Sam and his eyebrows, but thankfully he was found by his lovely human and now basks in his internet glory.

Pudge the Cat

2. @pudgethecat

When I’m feeling a little blue, I can rely on a quick video of Pudge to cheer me up. The sassiest cat on IG without a doubt.

Grumpy Cat

1 @Tardthegrumpycat

Well this wouldn’t be much of a list without Grumpy Cat would it? I’m still convinced I could cheer Tardar up with the right belly rub.

You can also find this cat on Instagram @catillest! You can find my #dailydoodles, works in progress and behind the scenes tomfoolery.

Catillest instagram

Do you have any more photogenic cats I should add to my list? Share below!

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  • Jessica Lasseter September 8, 2015   Reply →

    Lol I can’t handle this! I’m an extreme cat lover. Now following some of these kittens. Thanks!

    • catillest September 20, 2015   Reply →

      Haha I’m glad I brought them into your life (or, er, IG feed at least 😉 )

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