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The Pig Issue

Did you know pigs are fourth most intelligent life form on earth?

In fact, this video would suggest they get bumped up in the clever ranks – Hamlet here beats intelligent chimps at this game…

Another reason it’s hard for me to learn about the issues that unwanted pet pigs face.

There are farm animal shelters in the UK, but their quota for piggies is small – meaning they can only rehome 1 out of every 100 they have to turn away.

The unlucky ones face slaughter.

Three little pigs

Lucky ones – Princess, Pudding and Pumpkin at home in the Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Timea adopted Francie (an 80kg ‘tea-cup’ piglet!) and her life has never been the same.

Having learnt a lot from Francie, Timea has since decided to dedicate her life to educating others about the amazing qualities of these misunderstood and often overlooked animals.

Francie and Timea

Francie and Timea

A fellow Princes Trust mentee, Timea is doing something groundbreaking and challenging in starting the first ever pig sanctuary in the UK.

That sanctuary is The Pig Issue Foundation and they are on a mission to provide a unique and accessible environment for guests to visit and interact with a diverse assortment of pigs.

And I want to help them on their mission.

It started with some doodles…

Sketches of francie

… and ended in a bright pink illustration, ready for a new t-shirt campaign at Animal Charitees!

The Pig Issue

They come in various sizes and different cuts for guys and girls. Shipping within the UK is free, and we do ship internationally for a small fee.


How it works

Animal Charitees runs like a Kickstarter campaign; we need to reach a certain number of sales before the t-shirts can be printed (not to worry – you won’t be charged until that happens).

Any questions, feel free to get in touch here.
The Pig Issue Foundation

You can find Timea and Francie the pig over on Facebook and Twitter.

Share the campaign if you can – any help is greatly appreciated!

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