Spinal Wrap

Decided to put to use my sketches from a workshop I attended a good while back (see photos here) and make a pattern. Potential wrapping paper I’d say, though I don’t know how festive the theme would be… Badger spine bones? Meh, I think its worth a post if only for my clever title.

Smiling Cat Curly Tree (Pattern #01)

The first of the Lace Based Pattern Project results. I think this is the cutest, mainly because of the smiling cat face I see in it. No one else…? Oh… But who knows, may be some future patterns will also hold these hidden gems. I love playing with the colours, you really get a different vibe from each – preferences anyone? They’re like my babies, I couldn’t possibly choose…


Toy Town


Hippy Melon


Alien Planet




Parma Violets