Tee-tastic in London

I seem to have stumbled upon many independent t-shirt shops recently on my wanderings around fair London city. Time for a show and tell; a who-what-where-wear of the t-shirt world, if you will.

Covent Garden is teeming with these super slick t-shirt shops… they’re more close to tee galleries in my opinion (or my budget). Here are some:

David David, 36 Earlham St

These tees really are works of graphic art. Most impressive is the methods used to produce them; some are printed digitally, others screen-printed, some are screen-printed on the inside of the shirt, and some are hand painted using fabric paint and masking tape!

Next are some larger sellers, all peppered around Seven Dials.

Tshirt Store, 18 Shorts Gardens

Super Superficial, 22 Earlham Street (also in 17 Fouberts Place, Soho)

Soho you say? Fouberts Place isn’t just home to a Super Superficial, but Demo and Johnny Cupcakes all line this cobbled treasure chest of a street.

In nearby Newburgh Street you’ll find more, from Chateauxroux and Beyond the Valley.

If you want more for your wardrobe than just tees, there’s an Upper Playground at 31 Kingly Street, a Howies at 42 Carnaby Street and my favourite:

Finally my favourite, a fantastic shp on the corner of Greek St and Bateman St, unnamed on the outside, and not online (I spoke to the owner and he wants to keep it that way it seems). £15 for a high quality tee and a completely original design – most of what you see is 100% dreamt up by the owner, and artworked and printed by his buddies. I love this place and everything it stands for.



Donut Love

Choo Choo Doodle the first! This was my artistic response to how much I frickin LOVE DONUTS. This love affair began as a child, when I was taken – fairly infrequently, thank god – to Dunkin Donuts in Carnaby Street. Sad times, the DD franchise has exited the UK. Now everyone’s like ‘yeah but Krispy Kreme OMG!!’ – no my friends. KK does not compare.

Anyhow, I believe Donut Love is worth sharing with the world, so this Choodle might just make it to a tee design. Watch this space…


Check out the original Choodle here.