Knitted T-Shirt

This t-shirt idea stemmed from watching a celebrity impersonator’s take on Kirstie Allsopp. It basically involved the phrase ‘I wasn’t born. I was knitted.’ I still giggle when I think of it.

You can buy one here.

Dusty bookshelf finds

You know how some bookshelves have had the same books on them in the same place for so long they effectively become wallpaper? My parents house is papered with this. I recently took some time to really look at some of these books, actually remove them from their tightly packed spot, dust off the dead skin, and peek inside. I found some pretty neat treasures in some. A picture heavy post, so bare with, I hope you see it’s worth it:

First up is a real favourite of mine: Grimm’s Houeshold Tales (I had a love/hate relationship with the Brothers Grimm as a child. I think all kids do. Their parents assume they love the stories, when in actual fact they hate them.) Illustrated by Mervyn Peake, again, a superhero of words and images for me. He really deserves his own post tbh… something to look forward to in the near future I think. This book really shows off how he could adapt his style so well – everything from dense, intricate lines showing such patience and dedication, to swift, flowing strokes and bold cartoon-like illustrations. Plus beautiful full colour plates, which is always a treat.

Next up is a collection of Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens, with fantastic illustrations by Arthur Rackham. I love Rackham’s illustrations; when I discovered him and other illustrators from that Golden Age it was one of the key moments that convinced me that I need to be an illustrator. I usually associate his work with the dreamy, softly coloured scenes like the ones from Alice in Wonderland, but I really love how his style translates for woodcut images too.

Finally, less suitable for children (but only slightly – as if Grimm’s tales are totally child-friendly… and those Rackham wolves are downright terrifying) is a collection of Charles Addams cartoons. I had no idea this is where the Addams Family originated. I’m not the biggest fan of the Addams’s derivatives I must confess… but the originals are actually really clever and surprisingly dark.