Let’s have a Tee Party!

I’m such a fan of Ohh Deer’s products and artists who contribute to the collective. Naturally, I want to be a part of this awesomeness so got straight to work when I heard about their Tee Party competition. The winner gets their t-shirt design printed and sold in their store! Winning and glory aside, I’d love to get this printed for the summer either way, and would love to know what people think. You can check it out here – and I’d be ever so grateful for a little tweet or thumbs up while you’re at it! 😉

The Frog Story

Well don’t let me get your hopes up if you’re expecting a gripping plot, well developed characters and a life changing message… but it does have a start, middle and end. The Frogs started out life as a nugget of an idea, developed in my search for inspiration (for my Demonology zine). The source of this inspiration was (as it often is) the animal kingdom – specifically, frogs and toads. They freak me out just a bit, what with their unpredictable hopping, darting tongues and bulgy eyes… but that makes them all the more interesting to study and draw I reckon, especially their bumpy skin – could draw that for hours.

Soon after my initial sketches, a competition presented itself to me, and it all clicked.

Ohhdeer’s theme at first made me think of vinyl records, old tapes, even carousels… but it was all just a bit obvious. But frogs! they’re sticky tongues would normally be attached to an unlucky fly, but what if they were a frog-centipedey type thing! Suitably freaky and fitting I think. So here’s what I came up with:

At his point I knew colour would help it out, but I still didn’t want colour to take centre stage – I want this to be about the line style, composition – and the frogs of course.

Take 1: I like the effect created with the inkyness and all, but the colours just didn’t do it for me. The overall effect seems too dark for what I really wanted.

Take 2: Fun, but totally losing the line definition and doesn’t really bring the frogs and the pattern around them together.

Take 3: I think this is the one! The colours aren’t too extreme, and I like how delicate some of the lines still feel. Got there in the end… thank god I didn’t get STUCK ON REPEAT! hah. hah.

Entry isn’t closed until Wednesday 1st Feb, so I still have a little bit of time for tweaks. Any suggestions are VERY welcome! Wish me luck!