Cecil the lion

What We Can Learn From Cecil the Lion

Over the last two decades, Africa has lost between 30-50% of it’s lions and now far less than 32,000 animals remain.

Why is this happening?

  • Habitat loss – as human populations expand more and more land is being lost to farming causing lion populations to become fragmented and their prey species depleted
  • Trophy Hunting – in some countries trophy hunting, which involves the selective killing of wild animals, including lions, for sport, is still legal.
  • Trade – in South East Asia wild lion bones and other body parts are increasingly sought after for use in so-called traditional medicine.
  • Entertainment – around the world zoos and circuses keep lions captive for our entertainment
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Animal Kingdom

This is an ongoing personal project in which I’ve chosen some of my favourites from the animal kingdom and illustrated them, in hope to turn them into a series of prints, greeting cards, tote bags and t-shirts. Keep posted, they should be available on the shop soon.

Why Otters Are Orsome

Inspired by a BBC documentary about giant sea otters, I couldn’t resist drawing an ode to the brilliant little creatures. They’re playful, smart, cute and otterly orsome…

otter poster

Otter studies:

otter studies

On the Road

‘On the Road’ is an illustration that came from a series of imaginary creatures I sketched i cafes, day-dreaming of going somewhere far away.

Some close ups:

The initial sketches:


The colour choices I sweated over (before a helpful consensus on my Facebook page helped me out):


Christmas Cards are Coming!

Last Christmas I received the wonderful gift on linocut. I haven’t exactly been using it as much as I planned to – hey it was a Christmas present after all – but now that I have a genuine use for it I’ve gone all out and I must say I’m back in lino-love. My plan is to produce a set of Christmas cards, mainly for friends and fam but they will also be available in my shop. Here’s a preview of what I’ve been toying with so far, would love to get some feedback too!

Yep snowflakes and animals in festive jumpers. Will have an update when these get lovingly printed onto some quality cardstock.

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