Can I Get a Slow Loris Pet?

I first came across the slow loris when a friend demanded I watch this video – a contender for the world’s best ‘defense mechanism’…


I fell in love.

Those giant eyes! That charming smile! And pocket sized… Plus, they can’t jump and are pretty slow on their feet (hence the imaginative name), so may be I could bag one in the jungles of Indonesia and…

Ok ok, I can’t pretend a slow loris pet would be a great idea.

For one, they’re an endangered species. This article goes into the tragic story further.

Plus, they’re venomous! The only primate to be venomous in fact.

It also sleeps all day and smells terrible (sounds like me as a student…)

What we can do is watch the little cuties eat things:



Anyway, in honour of the adorable animals, I have a slow loris print coming to the Catillest shop this month!

We’re set for release of the prints on Monday 8th September 2014, 13:00 GMT.

*UPDATE* Loris Love available here!

The prints will be available in a range of sizes, so you can pick you pic!

Are you as excited as this guy is?

slow loris

Your new pet. Coming September 8th!

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