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Primates Not Playmates

I remember feeling disgust when learning that Bieber illegally ditched his new pet capuchin monkey back in2013.

This was quickly followed by acceptance – it is Bieber after all. Not exactly the most responsible human to grace this earth.

But what still shocks me today is that primates can even be kept as pets at all.


Yes, they are extremely intelligent and social (and undeniably cute as babies) but that doesn’t mean they make good pets.

Like humans, they form strong bonds to others and very complex emotions – that can be difficult for owners to handle.

Just raising a primate around humans doesn’t change their innate needs; in fact depriving them of normal social relationships with their own kind can bring about anti-social behavioural problems and neuroses.

They are also expensive to feed and house, and can cause quite a mess. Even Michael Jackson’s famous and seemingly well-trained chimp Bubbles was reported to partake in some feces slinging…

Wild Futures is a charity that aims to end the suffering of thousands of primates in the UK by ensuring that the UK primate pet trade is made illegal.

Primates Not Playmates

To support their work, I’ve designed a new Animal Charitee, ‘Primates Not Playmates depicting a rather sad toy monkey.

Primates need to be respected – not treated like a performer or a pet.

Primates Not Playmates T-shirt


Show your support for Wild Futures by heading over to Animal Charitees and picking up a t-shirt.

They come in guys and girls fit, and shipping within the UK is free.



Remember Animal Charitees runs like a Kickstarter campaign – we need to reach a certain number of sales before the t-shirts can be printed (you won’t be charged until that happens).

Any questions, feel free to get in touch here.

Primates Not Playmates T-shirt

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