Knit a Giraffe

How To Knit a Giraffe

I’m (k)not a knitter.

I wish I could sit, curled up in front of a fire (or TV…) with two dainty needles, clicking away while I magically turn a ball of wool into a new hat, or jumper… or giraffe.

Yes, a giraffe!

When I see knitted animal toys I can’t help but wish I was a 6-year-old again, just so I could carry them around wherever I go.

knit a giraffe

If you are knitting-inclined, you can find the pattern for this cute couple here.

So, two decades on… I may not be able to knit a giraffe – but I can draw one!

knitted giraffe

Not only can I draw one, I can print it on all sorts of lovely products – from t-shirts to tote bags – and share them online!

This little knitted giraffe has made his way to the Catillest shop – just in time for Christmas!

knitted products

As always, it will be a limited run of 50 prints per product, so this four-legged friend won’t be around forever!

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