Introducing… Animal Charitees

Since I was a little girl watching the likes of Animal Hospital I had a do-gooder urge to help things smaller than myself. Especially the furry, feathered or finned kind.


Not sure if I’ll ever forget that them tune…

Unfortunately, my career steered away from the veterinary route (once I realised how much poop and blood would be involved) and toward the artistic one – where the messiest I could get was from charcoal and ink.

That hasn’t meant my passion to help animals who are endangered or suffering has ended – far from it.

The more I learn about these creatures that inhabit the world alongside us, the more I feel for them. 

But what could I do? I could draw the animals a portrait of themselves to cheer them up I suppose… Or, I could do something a little more – er – practical.

I realised I had the power to raise awareness for those who are doing the good work on my behalf. The animal charities and organisations that help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome our furry friends.

When I went along to an Animal Charity Fair held in East London in 2015, and got chatting to some of these people doing amazing things to help animals everywhere, I knew what I had to do.



Introducing… Animal Charitees.

When I realised I had the power to raise awareness for those who the creatures who can’t speak out, Animal Charitees began.

I create a unique design that get printed on t-shirts (as well as tank tops and sweatshirts) for each charity who embraces my support, and donating 50% of the profits straight to them.

Each campaign requires a minimum number of sales to ensure that any t-shirt gets printed – so every single sale counts.

As these are limited edition runs, you want to catch them before they become an endangered species!



Do you know of an animal charity that could use some extra support? Comment below or email me and I’ll get in touch to see if I can help!


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