hoe to use polyvore to promote

How to Use Polyvore to Promote Your Products

In my last post on Polyvore, I told you why I started using this platform (even though I need another social media outlet like I need a hole in the head.) Now, here’s how to use Polyvore to promote your products.

I want to give you a quick-start guide to getting started on Polyvore, in the most efficient way possible. Even though it is very user-friendly in my opinion, there are definitely aspects of it I wish I had understood before I got started myself.


I don’t work for Polyvore, and get no affiliate kick-back from these posts. I’m just super excited about this platform, and want to share the knowledge I wish I had had when I started using it.

First… Signup

This is the easy bit! Polyvore is following the trend of plugging into the social giants Facebook and Twitter, which offer a quick signup process.


join polyvore

Now it’s time to choose your own adventure…

In this post I cover:

How to add items to Polyvore
What is the difference between Items, Sets and Collections
How to create awesome Sets (ie. the collages)

Or.. all the above? Just keep scrolling 😉

how to use polyvore

How to add items to Polyvore

This was the first hurdle I stumbled over.

It still seems odd to me that a curation site like this would NEED a browser plugin to get the most out of it.

Yes, using Pinterest is also easier when you have the plugin installed as some sites aren’t as readily ‘pinnable’ as they could be. But… you still have the option to upload images from within Pinterest itself.

Surely, Polyvore would allow the same?

Nope. Not as of Feb 2015 anyway.

So, get your clipper in there – installing it will only take a second:

1. Simply drag this link: Clip to Polyvore to your browser Bookmarks Toolbar.

clip to polyvore

2. Later, when you’re on a site and you spot something you want to add to Polyvore, use your bookmarklet/clipper and you’ll see a screen like this:

clip to polyvore

The image highlighted in orange is the one that will get added to your Polyvore Items. Be careful – sometimes the wrong image gets auto selected – the clipper is clever but it ain’t that clever.

You’re also in control of giving it a good, descriptive title and using tags to allow it to be easily searchable by others.

  •  Top tip for selecting products to clip:

If you want to use an item you find online in a Set (ie. a collage) you’ll be better off with one on a WHITE BACKGROUND. It’s weird, but the Polyvore Set tool clips around an image silhouette, and white backgrounds work best. More on this here.

What is the difference between Items, Sets and Collections?

This is something that confused me on day 1 of using Polyvore.

Basically, Items are individual products you have either clipped from other sites, or ‘liked’ or saved on Polyvore itself.

You can save these to your Collections – which you might sort by colour, style, brand, clothing category… anything.

Sets are the collages you create from your items – and you can also save these to your Collections. The way I see it, if Items are your ingredients, Collections are your recipe books and Sets are your recipes.

Let’s look at some examples…

How to create awesome Sets

The only thing limiting you here is your imagination. Here are my top tips for creating Sets:

  1. Inspiration is everywhere – look in fashion and lifestyle magazines, your favourite shops (windows and online). Consider how colour is used, layout, fonts… take notes!
  2. Pick a colour scheme – Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) is a great tool for generating colour schemes, and can be oddly addictive.

    adobe color

    Make your own, explore others, save them and try to match the items in your set to the schemes.

  3. Check out contest winners – I’ll get into Polyvore contests in a later post, but for now, check out the contests Polyvore and many brands run to promote products. You can see concluded contests and who the winners were – take inspiration from these top Sets.polyvore contests
  4. Keep it simple – Start with one key piece, and build around it. You can go beyond the outfit, including embellishments that relate – just start with a killer Item, and things will fall into place.
  5. Browse templates from popular Set creators – these are great for nailing a lay out – all you have to do is fit your Items into place.how-to-use-templates
  6. Get creative with your theme – date night, weekend shopping, a beach holiday, use a celebrity…

    katy perry look

    This Set was created just after the Superbowl – perfectly on-topic, and using a hot celebrity who sets trends. A pretty stunning Set!

  • Bonus tip – for brands and retailers:

Think of your customer. If you’re a brand trying to promote your own products, think of your different customers; when and how they use your products.

Polyvore offers a great way to implement some native advertising, reinforce your brand and set the scene for your customer. Products appeal a lot more if you see them in context – so get them in some shareable Sets and show them off!

Phew! Hope that was of use to you and your Polyvore adventure.

Still to come in my Polyvore series:

  • Verifying your Brand
  • Joining Groups on Polyvore
  • All about Contests
  • Using Polyvore Templates
  • How to add your own Embellishments
  • Advertising on Polyvore
  • Who to Follow
  • A Guide to Style Analytics

… Plus a load of freebies! Stay tuned folks >^.^<

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  • Cordelia March 13, 2015   Reply →

    Hi, thank you for this helpful article, i just created my own jewelry store and would like to promote my products on polyvore, but won’t that look like spamming if my page only consists of my products from my own website? is that even allowed on there?

    • catillest March 21, 2015   Reply →

      Good point! I basically see Polyvore as any other social media platform – you share your own stuff, as well as other people’s. A great way to do both is creating a Set using some of your jewelry, paired with another brand’s clothing and accessories to make a complimentary outfit. Polyvore itself is totally cool with you adding your own products – they encourage it in fact! If you check out their Partner Centre it’s all about how they want to work with shops as much as possible: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/partner

      Feel free to add your Polyvore page in the comments if you fancy sharing it!

  • Alexandra February 16, 2016   Reply →

    This is my link. Thank you for all usefull information. But i try to find if we have pay for official profile. If i list items as a company, i have to pay something?
    Thank you!

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