How have you spent your FREE hour?

If I put the word ‘free’ in this post a lot will I get more hits? Theory. Ok so it’s one of my favourite times of the year. Pretty leaves are on the floor, I’m over the fact that summer’s ended, Halloween is tomorrow and I can start talking about Christmas without apologising. AND Daylight Savings time ends leaving us with one bonus (dingdingding) hour to spend without remorse. Don’t question the logic, just go with my joy.

List of pointless (and fun) things I may do with my hour:

1. Sew beads onto my cardi. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it just seems so… pointless I’ve just had to put it off. Pretty beads though, no?

2. Bake something. Who the f*ck has time to bake? I don’t. But an hour is more than enough to make a batch of baked goods, leave them to cool until you won’t burn your mouth, and scarf the majority of them.

(As if I could make these. This talented person did.)

3. Watch a documentary or two. I’ve ot so many I want to watch, but my attention span is rather like a 5 year olds these days. This one about how we use our left and right sides of the brain looks like a top contester though:

(Thank you for the tip-off, Visual News!)

Which leaves us with another half hour for these docu’s featuring Isaac Asimov (a very learned man I hear) on the likes of creativity, knowledge, computers… all good things:

(Part 2 and Part 3, thanks Brain Pickings!)

OR I could read some more blogs and/or have a nap. Happy +1 day y’all!

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