And so it begins…

Ok, so my blogging efforts have been pretty minimal (…or non-existent?) for the past 3 months of, but that ends here dammit! New year, new you etc etc… New year’s resolutions are never a good idea from my past experience, but I truly believe now is a great time to make this a habit. A really annoying one.

I even have a manifesto!

1. The Catillest Blog will include the following topics:
– Cat Recommends (things I’ve experienced that I want everyone to enjoy)
– Mix for Kix (mixes freely available for download)
– Choo-choo-doodles (I like to draw on trains. I will let you look)
– Wishlist (things what I want)
– Winlist (awesome people who’ve done awesome things… awesomely)

2. The Catillest Blog may also include: work in progress, work that I’ve actually finished, and general embarrassing ramblings.

3. The Catillest Blog aims to: Entertain, Inform, and Promote.

I think that’s it for now.