Ragdoll (the cat for dog-lovers)

The Cat For Dog Lovers

Are you a ‘dog person’?

I don’t blame you. Dogs are loyal, always ready to play, and offer unconditional love (ok, conditional when treats are around).

Plus, who would pick cats over dogs? Cats cheat on you with your neighbours, scratch and bite your toes at 4am, and wouldn’t play fetch if you offered them all the catnip money can buy.

Well, I’m here to defend the cats and ‘cat people’ of the world.

Seeing as the ‘Catillest’ deal didn’t put you off this blog, I’m willing to bet you can be convinced that felines are equally (or – er – more) cute and cuddly as their canine counterparts.

I’ve discovered a breed of cat that even the puritans amongst dog lovers can warm to.

The Ragdoll.


So, why are Ragdolls the ultimate feline? Let me give you the furry facts:

1. Their ‘purrsonality’ (sorry…)

They’re fun, mischievous and love to play! They aren’t the kind of cat to sit and pose on your windowsill all day – these guys want to follow you around, snuggle up with you and generally have a grand old time.

2. They’re clever

Just like Fido, you can teach these kitties tricks! Simple ones mind (I like to think cats have to much dignity to be performing like circus animals). I’ve even seen one walk happily on a lead with it’s owner.


3. The kindest of kitties

The Ragdoll is known for it’s easy-going temperament, and won’t fight with other cats over territory.

4. A gentle giant

These heffers are one of the largest domestic breeds of cats, with males weighing in at around 20lb and even up to 30lb!


5. Fabulous fur

The softest fur I’ve stroked of any feline belonged to a Ragdoll. I can only liken it to a bunny, or even a chinchilla! The best part? Because of their dense undercoat, they’re relatively prone to matting.

Oh, and who can resist the furry panataloons they sport on their hind legs! #toocuteforwords

So, dog lover, have I convinced you to be a cat lover? Just for the Ragdoll?

Well, if I have, I do have a new Raggie-inspired design that’s hitting the store tomorrow!

Here’s the star of the show…

Ragdoll designs from Catillest

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